Characteristics of nozzles

The efficient water atomization in suchlike small droplets can be achieved with the help of spray nozzles, made of stainless steel, and high-pressure (50-80 bar). Spray nozzles, which are operated with low-pressure, cannot produce the appropriate droplets size to produce qualitative fog. Our high-pressure nozzles work according to the spinning principle and are characterized by the following:

  • High quality fog (consistent droplets size)
  • Resilient construction
  • High amount of water (from 0,5l/h to 50 l/h)
  • Big spray angle (30° to 120°)
  • Build-in dirt-filter (prevention of clogged nozzle holes)
  • Drip-stop (optional)
  • Different constructions (hexagonal, round, vandal-proof)
  • Different types of stainless steel (depending on the requirements 1.4305, 1.4571, 1.4401)


Spray nozzle spraying cone
Spray nozzle spraying cone

Customized production

There are many possibilities to customize your spray nozzles. Resulting from our experience, we can recommend the best water spray nozzle type for your application. Spray angles can differ and can be adjusted according to the customer’s needs. Therefore, the spray nozzle can be adjusted to a 40- or 45-degrees spray angle. Another characteristic which can vary is the spray nozzles’ orifice size.

Our nozzles are produced according to the requirements and demands of our customers. We developed and built special machines for applications in the field of high precision techniques in order to guarantee the highest quality and a long durability of our nozzles. Due to the build-in dirt-filter, nozzles need to be cleaned rarely. The function of the spray nozzle is to create a fine water mist.

If the spray nozzle does not produce a satisfying water mist or the spray nozzle is not misting at all, we recommend cleaning the nozzle and hose first. The reason why it is not working correctly could also be that the water pressure is too low, or the pump is broken.