Cooling in restaurants

The cooling effect occurs when extracting the heat of evaporation which emerges during evaporation. Therewith the liquid itself and the environment around is cooled down. Our spray nozzles can also be used at private terraces or in the garden of restaurants. The adiabatic cooling can provide an energy-saving and pleasant cooling effect by releasing a fine mist through the sprayer nozzles. The flexibility of the system and the silent noise generation allows an easy installation of our components also in existing buildings and gardens.

Danger of frost in fruit productions

Frost and cold temperatures complicate the fruit cultivation. Flowers and fruits can be preserved through pre-freezing. Flowers can resist temperatures until -3°C. At lower temperatures, the flower could be damaged and therewith the fruit harvest. This problem can be solved through spraying water at danger of frost. The fine spray nozzle mist lays down on the surface of the plant. As a result, a thin layer of ice develops which covers the plant and protects it from frost. The solidification heat prevents the decline in temperature below 0°C, therefore the flower can survive the frost without damage.

Cooling in barns

Dust formation occurs especially in barns and halls with animals. Moreover, animals suffer from the heat in summer. Cows are very sensitive when it comes to high temperatures. They feel most comfortable at temperatures between 7°C and 17°C. Cows show first symptoms of heat stress already at temperatures above 20°C. This can lead to a decline of milk yield, less goodness, increased lack of energy, fertility disorder and hypercytosis as well as bovine mastitis. The usage of spray nozzles in barns help to control the temperature and prevents heat stress.

Also, machines and technical tools rapidly overheat. We were able to successfully integrate our spray nozzle system in a hall of servers in order to keep the temperature at a constant level.

Cooling in fruit productions
Cooling in fruit productions
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