Dynamic dust suppression

We are a specialist in developing and producing the right dust control spray nozzle solution for any requirement and environment.

Therefore, we developed an efficient way to cover large areas which are exposed to dust, dirt and smell. Dust control spray nozzles can be used in big halls to cover large areas either to improve working conditions or to abide environmental standards. Users of dust suppression nozzles profit in many ways from the system. Our dust suppression spray nozzles also work as an efficient system to suppress bad smells at dumpsites.

The characteristics of the dust control nozzle highly depend on the dust size and type as well as the operating environment.

Dust is commonly generated in industrial work environments.

When processing and working with dry-soils or hard rock materials, dust is usually a by-product of it.

This process can be seen in

  • Road making
  • Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Irrigation


Especially in these industries, the water quality cannot always be ensured to be high. Salinity or suppression additives amplify the corrosion of the dust suppression nozzles and the whole system. Therefore, stainless steel or cobalt alloys are used as these materials are more resistant to corrosion.

Dust suppression ventilator



The principle of fog-based dust suppression is very effective, however the length of throw of spray nozzles are limited to a few meters’ coverage. Spray nozzles can also be utilized to cover long distances. This problem can be solved with dust suppression ventilators which have built-in spray nozzles. Therefore, spray nozzles can cover long distances by carrying the water mist over 30m. Therefore, big halls can be kept dust-free. Our ventilators have a swivel range of 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. With optimal adjustments, areas of 1000m2 can be kept dust-free. Even bigger areas can be humidified with the help of more ventilators. The devices can be grouped, depending on the requirements. Hence, the groups or ventilators can be activated manually with keys or remote control, or automatically with sensors.


Dust suppression ventilator
Dust suppression ventilator

The advantage of dust suppression nozzles:

  • The work environment can be held much safer and cleaner.
  • Hot work environments can be cooled without wetting the space.
  • Health risks due to dust etc. can be reduced
  • Efficient system– with low input (low water consumption), best results can be achieved


Dynamic dust suppression mound
Dynamic dust suppression mound