Dust suppression

Difficult working conditions because of dust

Dust can occur while processing, loading or unloading material. This hampers specifically the work for the working people around. Furthermore, the environment is polluted, and neighbors suffer from the polluted air.

Dust occurrence in quarries, tunneling and waste recovery factories

Spray nozzles can be used to suppress dust. Dust particles can be coated with water droplets, with a size of 10-20 µm, hence dust sinks to the floor faster. Spray nozzles are mainly used for dust suppression in areas with a high dust occurrence which are often industrial environments. Polluted air specifically occurs at quarries and at tunneling. Moreover, waste recovery factories fight against the dust and smell. A pleasant side effect of dust suppression with water fog is that unpleasant smell is also banned. Therefore, the air is cleaned in many aspects.

Dust suppression in riding halls

A particular field of application for spray nozzle systems can be found in riding halls. A common problem in riding halls is dust pollution, which poses an increased health risk to human and horse.

Because of the movement and steps of the horse into the sand, the sand particles are swirled up and hurled into the hall air. For this reason, equestrians mainly use the free area in summer. A short-term solution is to water the floor in order to reduce the dust. In winter, the floor is hard, and training is held in riding halls. At low temperatures, the air is quite dry too. Especially at the end of the training, dust formation increases which leads to respiratory symptoms for horse and equestrian.

To cover wide areas, spray nozzles can be integrated in dust suppression ventilators to keep the whole riding hall dust-free.

The dust suppression system for riding halls is developed and produced at our Austrian premises. Prices can be requested at any time. The costs depend on the size and area of the riding hall.

Write us Elmer dust suppression

Write us Elmer dust suppression

Pictures of the application field

  • Dust suppression at waste recycling

    1 / 5Dust suppression at waste recycling

  • Dust suppression at waste recovery

    2 / 5Dust suppression at waste recovery

  • Dust suppression at waste processing

    3 / 5Dust suppression at waste processing

  • Dust suppression at a quarry

    4 / 5Dust suppression at a quarry

  • Dust suppression at a tunnel construction site

    5 / 5Dust suppression at a tunnel construction site