Flexible high-pressure hose and piping fitting system

There are various options, depending on the field of application, in order to connect the pump with the separate positions of the spray nozzles. The most reliable solution, according to our experience, is the following:

Flexible pipeline

Due to the low water throughput, our HD-Flex hose is in most cases the best option. The hose is very flexible therefore, it is easy to lay it according to the needs of the customer. We also offer a lot of different piping adapters which can be easily installed on-site with standard tools. The spray nozzles for the hose are installed with the help of fittings which can be done directly on-site. If a spray nozzle does not work anymore, replacing it with a new one or repairing the old one can be done very easily.

It is possible to connect the system directly with the following components around the HD-Flex hose:

  • Inside thread G 1/8”
  • Outer thread G 1/8”
  • Cutting ring screw joint 100mm – stainless steel pipe
  • 24° sealing cone screw joint 6mm
  • Various tees for pipe conduit:
    • 1x G1/8” inside thread
    • 2x G 1/8” inside thread 120°
    • 2x G 1/8” inside thread 180°
    • 3x G 1/8” inside thread each 120°
Piping fitting system
Piping fitting system