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Spinnerets for the viscose production process

Viscose fibers are used to produce textiles and clothes. The main component of a viscose fiber is cellulose which is extracted from wood. The extraction of the viscose fiber is done through an industrial process, a so-called viscose spinning process. Viscose spinning requires highly precise parts and machines. The spinnerets function is essential to the spinning process because the fiber filament is produced by pressing the polymer mass through the spinneret plate and nozzles.

Different viscose spinning methods

Through the years, we were able to gain a lot of knowledge in the field and to specialize in the manufacturing of spinnerets, which are a main part of the viscose spinning process. The main users and buyers of spinnerets are from the textile industry. The spinnerets differ, depending on the process which is used to extract the viscose. The wet spinning method can be classified into the classic and the NMO method. The NMO production method requires special spinnerets which consist of more than 120.000 holes.

Spinnerets are a central component of the viscose spinning process.

Spinnerets consist of many round capillaries which are produced through very precise drilling.

We, as a spinneret manufacturer, guarantee the best quality of our products through the usage of computerized precision machines which are developed by us.


Overview of the viscose production process

The high quality of our Lyocell spinnerets is based on 25 years production experience as a spinneret manufacturer.

We offer the whole range starting with a 1-hole laboratory spinneret up to 150.000 holes industrial spinneret. Thanks to our experience we can support our customers in improving their spinning technology. Usually, our customers start with small laboratory spinnerets in order to test the hole geometry. We support our customers with adjusting the hole allocation especially to its spinning plant requirements. Therefore, the customer receives a customized industrial spinneret of high quality directly from us, the spinneret manufacturer. Spinnerets which are damaged during the spinning process can be easily repaired. Repairing the spinneret is in most cases more efficient than investing in a new one.

Quality criteria of the Lyocell spinneret

The maximum possible spinning speed highly depends on the quality of the spinneret. Spinnerets of low quality are more prone to error, which leads to a deterioration of the produced product. 

The main quality criteria of our manufactured spinnerets are:

  • High precise hole diameter (±2µm)
  • High gloss polished inner hole surface
  • High gloss polished outer hole surface
  • Perfectly sharp outer hole edges
  • High precise hole allocation

Types of Lyocell spinnerets

The shape of the spinneret highly depends on the spinning machine. Depending on the spinning machine there are various possibilities.

  • Massive spinneret body (mainly for laboratory)
  • Deep drawn sheet metal shaped ring
  • Sheet metal spinneret laser-welded on massive spinneret body

Lyocell spinneret parameter

Besides the general characteristics of a spinneret, the following parameter are defined:

  • Hole size (mainly between 50µm and 120µm)
  • Capillary length (between 1D and 5D)
  • Hole allocation (equally spaced, special gaps, etc.)

Special service

Besides the high quality of our spinnerets, we as a spinneret manufacturer, offer the following services to our customers:

  • Consulting during a new development process
    • Discussion of the possible types of spinnerets
    • Spinneret production
  • After sales service for damaged spinnerets