Spray nozzles - various fields of application

Spray nozzles

For over 70 years, spray nozzle engineering has been part of our main business. We specialized on the development and production of spray nozzles. Fine water fog can be produced with the help of water, high-pressure and specific manufactured spray nozzles. The nozzles are used in this process as an atomizer of water. The nozzles are mainly used for:

  • Highly efficient solution against dust
  • Air humidification
  • Air cooling (usage of adiabatic cooling)
  • Fog for effects

Spray nozzles fields of application

Spray nozzles - fields of application
Spray nozzles - fields of application

It is important to us, as a supplier of spray nozzles, to make our products for everybody available and accessible. Not only private persons but also industrial companies can buy spray nozzles from us. Besides that, our spray nozzles are used in a lot of different fields, as for example cooling, air humidification or irrigation. Moreover, our products can be built into a whole water humidification system to cover big and wide areas. The whole system can be seen as a liquid distributor. The working principle of spray nozzles is to transport liquids and to disperse it in smaller sizes. Apart from the spray nozzle itself, we offer various spray nozzle parts which are needed to produce the water mist. You can find more information about the products and fields of application on this website. We are happy to help you with any kind of request.

As a spray nozzle vendor and producer, we serve companies all around the world.

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