Besides the mechanical production of fine mechanical parts, we support our customers with diverse services. Our all-around service offer includes the following operations:

  • Toll manufacturing (finished drawing àmanufacturing) - 3D File (e.g. step file)
  • “From the idea to the solution”
  • Optimization and development of existing products
  • Transfer and contact to specialists of various surface processing treatments like
  • Coating and varnishing
  • Anodizing
  • Tempering
  • Construction of assemblies
  • Post-processing of provided products
  • Material procurement or processing of provided materials

In the toll manufacturing industry, we do not only produce the product through our CNC milling service, wire cutting service or lathing service but we also provide our customers support and advice.

Our toll manufacturing offer is recognized and accepted worldwide. Areas we serve are all around Europe such as Austria, Germany, Great Britain, or Turkey. Furthermore, our customers are also located across the world like China or India.