Machine park

Our machine park is equipped with advanced machines for applications in the field of high precision technologies. We are able to produce technical-sophisticated products “in-house” which allows us to offer our customers a high level of flexibility. Continuous investment and expansion of the machine park guarantees state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality of our products. 

Efficient programming of our CNC machine is ensured by the usage of the advanced CAM system.

3-axis and 5-axis treatments are processes on our CNC machine to provide lathing and milling services. The 3-axis machining is the most widely used and probably the more traditional technique. The material is processed and worked on 3-axes namely X, Y and Z. The machine moves then in three directions. This technique works for flat parts which can be treated on the surface. However, CNC lathing or milling deeper parts can become very labor-intensive with the 3-axis technique. The generated product will also not meet the expectations.

The 5-axis CNC machine was developed with a more advanced computer-aided-manufacturing technology (CAM). The machine works with 3 linear axes (X, Y, Z) but has two more axes, A and B. The tools rotate around these two axes. This technique is extremely efficient when working on harder and deeper parts.

Our offer comprises:

  • CNC milling (5-axis, 3-axis)
  • CNC lathing
  • Grinding (Flat grinding, 5-axis tool grinding machine)
  • Wire cutting
  • Special machines (self-buildings for special applications)
  • CAM system
  • Laser marking
  • Machine park

    1 / 6Machine park

  • Machine park

    2 / 6Machine park

  • Milling machine

    3 / 6Milling machine

  • Detailed milling

    4 / 6Detailed milling

  • 5-axis machine

    5 / 65-axis machine

  • Inner view 5-axis machineInside the 5-axis machine

    6 / 6Inner view 5-axis machine