Repair and service

During the spinning process, the spinnerets are very stable. However, deformations of the spinnerets itself and its holes can occur, if too much pressure is exerted. Another problem are clogged holes. That is the reason why spinnerets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. During the spinneret cleaning process at the customers’, the spinneret is stressed chemically and mechanically. Thus, not only the holes but also the discharge side of the spinneret can be damaged. Cleaning the spinneret with high accuracy and caution can prevent damages of the spinneret. From time to time, the spinneret itself or the holes can be damaged which can lead to a malfunction of the spinneret.

In this case, we are happy to offer our comprehensive service which includes repairing steel and noble metal spinnerets. Repairing the parts does not only extend their operational lifetime but also increases the profitability.

Repair instead of buying new

A majority of the damaged spinnerets can be repaired for only a small part of the price of a new spinneret while the quality is nearly the same as the new product.

Quality control spinnerets
Quality control spinnerets