There are two popular spinning methods for the production of viscose or also called rayon fibers – the classic and the NMO method. We produce spinnerets for both methods.


Classic spinning method

The classic wet spinning method uses chemicals and solvents to dissolve the cellulose. Subsequent the polymer mixture is pressed through the spinneret which is placed in the spin bath. The spinneret consists of thousands of small holes or nozzles, which can only be produced with the help of high precise machines. The feature of the spinneret and its nozzles is to produce thin strings out of the polymer mass. These thin strings are then called fibres. The fibres are treated with chemicals during the production process,this is why viscose is part of the synthetic fiber group. However, the fiber itself it totally natural.

Wet spinning method
Wet spinning method

NMO spinning method

The advantage of the special NMO production method is that there are no chemicals used for dissolving the cellulose. Instead of the chemical viscose spinning solution, organic and non-toxic NMO (N-Methylmorphlin-N-Oxid) is used to dissolve the cellulose which is then pressed through the spinneret. However, the requirements for the spinneret for the NMO method are different from the spinneret for the classic method.

NMO viscose spinning method
NMO viscose spinning method

Spinnerets characteristics

We produce and customize spinnerets according to the customers’ request. They can vary in:

  • Material and shape
  • Nozzlesize- and shape
  • Hole allocation

Our offer includes special noble metal alloys like gold, platinum, rhodium and iridium. The usage of high-quality materials reduces the risk of corrosion.

The spinneret’s holes diameter depends on and differs from the field of application. Normally, the capillary diameter is between 40 µm and 120 µm. In special cases, customers order spinnerets which are used to produce nanofibers with a fiber diameter of 1 µm.

Besides the popular round holes, we also offer profile cross-sections, like trilobal, triangle or rectangle. We provide our customers advice and assistance and give recommendations for the optimal hole distribution, if demanded. A spinneret nozzle close-up cannot be given as each nozzle is unique and is produced specifically for the customer. However, it can be compared to a hole which is produced by a thin needle.

Additionally, we offer cluster spinnerets as an economic substitution for noble metal alloy spinnerets. Cluster spinnerets consist of noble metal alloy plates with pressed-in noble metal alloy cones.

Quality is our highest priority. We are working according to this principle which is the reason why our customers can rely on consistent high quality. After every work step, the capillaries are checked with highest accuracy. As a spinneret manufacturer we have a high-quality inspection system in place. Only after a very careful and complete optical inspection of each and every spinneret, we authorize it to leave our house.

Due to our unique and innovative production technology we are able to guarantee the highest standard in the field of spinnerets to our customers. We are able to continuously develop and optimize our production process thanks to the close contact and constant exchange of information with our customers.


Where can you buy spinnerets?

As the worlds-leading spinneret manufacturer you can buy high-quality spinnerets from us. We are an Austrian company located in Lower Austria, Ober-Grafendorf, which is about 60 km away from Vienna. Our experienced mechanical engineers can customize the spinnerets according to your needs.

We produce spinnerets according to the customers’ requirements. The details remain the customer’s know-how and will be treated confidentially. Our specialized knowledge allows us to realize customers’ wishes and our production facilities enable us to customize and produce the spinnerets.

Various types and forms of the spinneret
Various types and forms of the spinneret