Fields of application

One application field of our spinnerets is in the textile industry. Our spinnerets are a main part in the viscose spinning process. Therefore, the spinneret is part of viscose spinning mills.

The dissolved cellulose is pressed through the micro-holes of the spinneret and clotted in a polymer which is then stretched. The final product, the fibers, can be produced as a staple fiber or infinite fiber (filament), independently from the chosen spinning method. Infinite fibers are characterized by its infinite length whereas staple fibers are cut to a specific length.

Lyocell production

A particular application to produce Lyocell is the NMO spinning method. The fiber is characterized by its dry and wet strength. The Lyocell method is very special because the organic solvent stays in a closed cycle and will be reused by 99%. The process is very envir­­onmental friendly and was honored with the environment award from the European Union. We contribute to this process by producing the spinnerets for the spinning mills which are needed to produce Lyocell.

The spinneret produces the fibers which are used in the textile industry to sew and produce clothes.